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Leadpages - How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch (Tutorial for Beginners)


Leadpages - How to Create a Landing Page From Scratch (Tutorial for Beginners) // Did you ever click on an ad that perhaps you have seen on social media, or maybe a link in someone’s Instagram Stories, email newsletter, or social media profile, and you were taken to a landing page? I use tons of landing pages in my own business and help my clients create landing pages that either collect email addresses to grow their email list, generate leads to growing their service businesses or sell products to increase their sales. Landing pages are the ultimate secret weapon when it comes to succeeding online, but what’s the point of creating all of the amazing content and social media engagement without any clear call to action as the next step for your audiences? Today’s video is sponsored by Leadpages. Leadpages help small businesses connect with an audience, collect leads, and close sales. Easily build websites, landing pages, pop-ups, alert bars, and beyond. I’ve used Leadpages for years in my business so far, and on some landing pages, I was able to generate over 60% conversion with the beautiful templates provided by Leadpages. You can check it out at 🤍 with a special 14 days free trial. Are you currently using landing pages in your business? Let me know, I’d love to hear from you. #leadpages #landingpage #listbuilding ⭐️ Videos and Resources Mentioned: Try Leadpages for 14 days for free here: 🤍 Leadpages Demo Page: 🤍 ⭐️ My Free Resources for You: Online Business Tools Kit: 🤍 Social Media Planner: 🤍 Social Media Free Email Course: 🤍 Insider Marketing Tips: 🤍 📚 My Courses: My Online Courses (try 1st month for free): 🤍 My YouTube Video Gear Setup: 🤍 👩🏻‍💻 Want to hang out together on your other social channels? INSTAGRAM: 🤍 WEBSITE: 🤍 LINKEDIN: 🤍 TWITTER: 🤍 FACEBOOK: 🤍 Who am I? 👩🏻‍💻 Hi, I’m Laurie, a creator who also loves all things marketing, personal development, productivity, mindfulness, and tech from London, United Kingdom. I’ve built my personal brand into a business in the last few years and I love helping others create a living doing what they love. I live here with my husband Simon Alexander Ong, and our little toddler daughter. If you like the channel, please do get in touch and say hi! 💌 I have a weekly newsletter sharing thoughts, useful resources, and my top recommendations on marketing, personal development, personal branding and more. If you are interested in checking it out, get it here: 🤍 Just to let you know that some of the links above are affiliate links which means that by using these links you’ll be supporting my content with a small commission at no cost for you. Thank you for your support.

LeadPages Landing Page Tutorial (LeadPages Landing Page Demo)


LeadPages YouTube Review Video LeadPages Free Trial 👉 🤍 LeadPages is all about landing pages, so what's better than creating a tutorial video where you can demo how the process works. In this instance, I'll be quickly putting together a landing page a thank you page when it comes to downloading a free magnet. Check out the video to see all of the details. [Related LeadPages Videos] 🔥 LeadPages Free Trial: 🤍 🔥 LeadPages Review: 🤍 Affiliate Disclaimer: If you make a purchase using my links in the description, then I might make a commission (at no extra cost to you, of course). #LeadPagesLandingPage

How to Create The Perfect Landing Page Hero in 60 Sec.


#shorts #webdesign #websitedesign It can be as simple as that. FREE Webclass - How to scale your design business using Webflow: 🤍 - How to scale your design business using Webflow 🤍 - Find me on other social media platforms: Instagram: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 - Gear & Book Recommendations: 🤍 Thanks for watching the video!

Leadpages Tutorial For Beginners | How to Create a Landing Page with Leadpages 2022


Leadpages Tutorial For Beginners | How to Create a Landing Page with Leadpages 2022 In this video I show you how you can Create a Landing Page with Leadpages 2022. Do you wonder how you can create it ? I'll show you exactly how to do that. 💬 Follow & Connect with us: - Subscribe to All About Websites for more videos: 🤍 #AllAboutWebsites

3 Landing Page Tests To Skyrocket Conversions & Optins


WE'RE BUYING! $1M-10M EBITDA Founders - We invest and help you scale faster. To find out more, apply here: 🤍 We invest in everything from youtube channels to local businesses to IT services. For everyone else, I make my money buying and growing businesses. I make this free content with the hopes you use it to grow your business enough to partner with us.

Leadpages : Créer 1 landing page facilement


📣 Révélation : Les 4 Secrets pour VIVRE DU COACHING : 🤍 👈 Tu es coach ou tu veux te lancer ? Profite d'un appel offert : 🤍 Durant cette session, nous t'apporterons de la clarté pour développer une activité prospère. Testez Leadpages ici : 🤍 (lien affilié) Avec Leadpages, on peut faire beaucoup de choses. Ling-en, auteur du livre "Le Guide du Blogueur" (🤍 nous explique comment : - Créer une page de capture - Créer une page de vente - Créer une page d'atterrissage Pas besoin de compétences techniques, l'outil propose déjà 104 templates personnalisables à souhait. C'est un outil qui m'accompagne depuis 5 ans et je le recommande à tous les blogueurs/marketeurs/youtubeurs qui veulent récupérer les emails de leur audience afin de leur vendre un produit. La base : c'est un glisser déposer pour mettre sur pied vos idées. Comment l'utiliser ? Une fois connecté, il faut : - Filtrer les templates en fonction des besoins - Cliquer sur preview pour avoir un aperçu de la page - Choisissez "use this template" pour utiliser le modèle Une fois choisi, on va vous demander de nommer votre page. Après vous aurez accès à la page à personnaliser et à gauche, la barre d'outils. Leadpages s'utilise facilement avec un plugin sur Wordpress. En complément avec un outil d'autorépondeur, il est parfait. Voici un guide sur le marketing par email : 🤍 où vous verrez comment créer un tunnel de vente. Alternative à Lead pages, je recommande ce thème : 🤍 Prenez soin de votre page de capture et de vos pages de vente si vous voulez vendre sur Internet. Profitez de la formation VENDRE SUR INTERNET ici : 🤍 Si vous n'êtes pas encore au clair avec votre projet, profitez de la formation MAINTENANT ! : 🤍 - LE LIVRE Edité par Eyrolles, Le Guide du Blogueur (🤍) a pour objectif d'aider le débutant à développer un business sur le web à partir d'un blog. Pas besoin d'être un expert de l'informatique ou avoir des économies pour se lancer ! Ce livre passe en revue toutes les bases qu'il faut connaître pour réussir, écrit sur un ton abordable et avec la participation de 26 contributeurs. - ENCORE PLUS DE CONTENUS : Instagram : 🤍 Facebook : 🤍 Twitter: 🤍

Generate Leads With Landing Pages: Best Practices and Examples


👉 Get editable lead generation landing page template and access to Swipe files: 🤍 👉 Lead Generation is the heartbeat of a successful business, and in this episode, I'm going to show you how to generate leads with landing pages. I'm frequently asked about the best approach to creating leads or generating leads with landing pages, and I mostly see brands doing so in a very cut, cheesy manner. However, the optimal process to get more tips with landing pages nourishes your audience and naturally collects leads. Lead generation landing pages that convert are challenging to create. Still, I've tried my best to build this lead generation tutorial for beginners to guide you with the best practices to make landing pages for lead generation. 👉 Timestamps: How to build lead generation landing page: 00:00 - 00:25 What is a Lead Generation Landing Page: 00:25 - 00:52 Defining the Target Audience To Create a Landing Page for Lead Generation: 00:52 - 01:37 Landing Page Headline Examples: 01:37 - 02:13 Landing Page Sub-Heading Examples: 02:13 - 02:52 Building Social Proof on a Landing Page: 02:52 - 03:09 The Bandwagon Effect: 03:09 - 03:38 Lead Generation Landing Page Copywriting Best Practices: 03:38 - 04:18 Call-To-Action Tips and Ideas: 04:18 - 05:11 Removing Distraction on a Lead Generation Landing Page: 05:11 - 05:36 Landing Page Lead Capture Form Best Practices: 05:36 - 06:50 Summary: 06:50 - 07:23 👉 Get your customise landing page for better conversions: 🤍 📖 Useful Resources: Building Your First Landing Page ► 🤍 13 Different Types of Landing Pages ►🤍 👉 Connect with me Website: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 👉Join My Discord Community: 🤍 #generateleadswithlandingpages #leadgenerationtutorialforbeginners #howtogenerateleadswithlandingpages

Como fazer Landing Page do zero (grátis).


Como uma criar uma página de vendas grátis do zero até pronta para vender ou capturar leads. Para não programadores. 🟣 COMECE NA HEROSPARK AGORA! É GRÁTIS! 🤍 Hoje eu vou te ensinar a criar uma landing page de vendas sem precisar de programação e sem pagar nada. O nosso segredo vai ser utilizar uma plataforma grátis de marketing digital chamada HeroSpark. É o conteúdo de um curso em 13 minutos: nós vamos aprender a criar uma página de vendas inteiramente funcional que vai cuidar da entrega do nosso produto e também de receber os pagamentos por ele. 🔵 Meus Links: ► Curso OBS Studio do Agilso ◈◈◈ Aprenda a fazer live profissionais e extrair o máximo dos seus equipamento • 🤍 🎵 Hypedstream - Músicas no copyright para Youtubers e Streamers ► 🤍 🎬 Meus Equipamentos 📷 Câmera Sony A6600 – 🤍 🎥 Lente Sigma 16mm 1.4 para Sony - 🤍 🎧 Headphone Wh-1000Xm3 - 🤍 🎤 Microfone Áudio-Technica AT2021 - 🤍 ⌨ Teclado Mecânico Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 SE Mecânico Switch MX Speed US Branco • 🤍 Na HeroSpark, a gente consegue criar nossa página num editor à la Word, sem precisar mexer em linha de código. Você edita o conteúdo diretamente na página de maneira intuitiva. Por exemplo, você pode: Clicar e arrastar imagens para reposicioná-las. Clicar em cima de um texto e digitar para trocar qualquer contéudo. Criar nova seções com cliques. E conforme faz as alterações, você já vê o resultado em tempo real. É um editor bastante completo do tipo WYSIWYG - What you see is what you get. Utilizando um curso de exemplo, eu vou partir do zero e mostrar cada etapa que você precisa fazer até criar e públicar uma landing page pronta para vender. ► Capítulos 0:00 Como criar uma landing page 0:58 Criando conta e enviando infoproduto 2:18 Funil Automático - Template da LP 3:29 Editor de página 6:57 Manipulando Textos 7:47 Manipulando Painéis 8:46 Manipulando Seções 10:31 Apontando botão p/ checkout 11:32 Testando o resultado



🤖 Descubra como a Inteligência Artificial transformou os anúncios online em um evento 100% online e gratuito. Inscreva-se agora: 🤍 Algo muito importante que você precisa ter para gerar resultado no Google e no Facebook. Landing page de alta conversão. Que você precisa de algumas informações necessárias para ela funcionar como uma boa página, por exemplo, uma promessa e oferta, botão de ação e informações do seu produto. Informações, que você é, e algo muito importante, ela precisa ser focada em uma única ação. Isso para qualquer tipo de nicho, qualquer tipo de negócio. E muita gente perde dinheiro ao errar nesses pontos muito importantes em relação a sua landing page. Por isso, esteja atento a isso. O que achou? Comenta aqui embaixo e vamos discutir sobre landing page. Não esqueça de enviar para um amigo seu também e bora pra cima! 🐷👊🏼 ➜ Acesse +60 aulas práticas de anúncios Google, do zero ao avançado: 🤍 ➜ Participe do meu Telegram: 🤍 ➜ Cadastre-se aqui para ser avisado das aulas ao vivo: 🤍 ➜ Podcast Extremo: O melhor conteúdo de anúncios online em áudio: 🤍 ➜ Conheça o Conversão Extrema: 🤍 ➜ Conecte-se comigo: • Instagram: 🤍 • Linkedin: 🤍 • Blog: 🤍 #googleads #anunciargoogle #marketingdigital #anunciarfacebook

How to Create a Landing Page in 10 Minutes with Leadpages


Create a high converting Landing Page with Leadpages - tutorial for beginners step by step. Try Leadpages Free ➜ 🤍 Leadpages is a powerful landing page solution. I recommend Leadpages because they have over 200 high-converting templates to choose from AND because they are much much cheaper then Clickfunnels or Unbounce if you are just looking for a landing page builder. Landing pages help to eliminate distractions and increase conversions. And they can be used in ad campaigns or on social media to: ➜ Collect email addresses ➜ Book appointments seamlessly ➜ Instantly register people for webinars ➜ Start selling online in minutes By the end of this video, you will know how to create a landing page using a simple drag and drop page builder. And how to: ➜ Send your leads to a designated email list ➜ Connect to any domain you own ➜ Publish your landing page to a website if you have one There are only 5 steps to create a high converting landing page. So be sure to watch this tutorial until the end. Let's get started!

How to Make a Beautiful Landing Page That Converts | 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Website (2023)


Discover How to Make a Landing Page Or Website That Converts Get FREE access to “The One-Page Marketing Cheatsheet” here: 🤍 Driving more traffic, more clicks, and more people to your website or landing page doesn’t mean a thing if once they get there all they do is take a quick look, come to the conclusion that what you have isn’t for them, and then disappear never to be seen again. Yet sadly, this is exactly what most sites and pages do. Scare people away. Often forever. In fact, depending on what statistic you look at, or what industry you’re in, the average is that when someone visits your site for the first time, somewhere around 95% to 98% percent of them will never be back. In other words, for every 100 people that see what you have to offer, only a few of them stick around to hear what you have to say. And that ain’t good. So in this video I’m going to show you how to create a high converting landing page that looks good, works good, and that you can create in as little as a few minutes. So, let me show you how it's done. 🚀Click here to download for free my 2 highest converting landing page templates... EVER: aerh.co/35vgxaI *PS - Whenever you’re ready, here are the 2 best ways I can help you… 1) The One-Page Marketing Cheatsheet: 🤍 #marketing #digitalmarketing #marketingstrategy *Let’s Connect: Website: 🤍 Discord Community: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 Instagram: 🤍 TikTok: 🤍 YouTube: 🤍 Facebook: 🤍 *Books & Courses: Reading List: 🤍 Marketing Course: 🤍

Leadpages Tutorial: How to Create a Landing Page


In this Leadpages Tutorial video, I'll walk you through step by step how to create a landing page in Leadpages. Start your free 14-day trial today: 🤍 (affiliate link) Looking to get started with email marketing, check out ConvertKit's free plan 🤍 (affiliate link) How to Create a Landing Page for Free with ConvertKit (video) 🤍 Email Marketing for Beginners - Get Started in 7 Steps (video) 🤍 Camera and gear used to record this video 🤍 We've been using Leadpages for about a year now and love it. We used Leadpages to grow our email list from next to nothing to over 25,000 subscribers thanks to giving away free downloadable content through landing pages we created with Leadpages. If you're not growing an email list, you're missing out, effective list building has been one of the most important drivers in the growth of our business in 2020. As you can see from this tutorial video, Leadpages has a ton of different landing page templates and you can make a landing page in a matter of minutes. Leadpages has tons of landing page examples to choose from and they are ranked by which landing pages have the highest conversion rates. It's really easy to customize the landing page with their drag and drop landing page builder. Also, it's very easy to connect Leadpages to your email marketing software. You'll see in the landing page tutorial that Leadpages is connected to our email marketing software (ConvertKit). We have used other landing page software such as Instapage and Unbounce, but we prefer Leadpages especially when considering the price. Leadpages plans start as low as $25 per month when paid annually. If you are on a budget, you can build landing pages in ConvertKit with their free plan. It doesn't give you as many customization options as Leadpages, but for free it's pretty good. Check out the link in the description above to watch the YouTube video. Disclaimer: Some of the links in the descriptions are affiliate links. If you click on the link and make a purchase, we may earn a commission at no extra cost to you.

What Is a Landing Page And How Does It Work?


What Is a Landing Page Video Landing Page Builder 👉 🤍 Landing pages are pages that are designed specifically to drive people to your website or offer. If you want to promote your business, you can’t just create a website, you need to create a landing page first. A landing page is a web page that is designed to get people to your website. Why do you need a landing page? It’s the most effective way to promote your business. Landing pages allow you to drive visitors to your website. The landing page will then convert those visitors into leads for your business. How does it work? You’ll start by creating a landing page. This means you’re going to have a webpage that’s designed specifically to get people to your website. This will be the page that you’re promoting on social media, and through email marketing. The landing page will usually have a headline and an offer that you want people to click on. Learn more about landing pages in this video. #WhatIsALandingPage

How To Build A Lead Generation Landing Page For Your Digital Marketing Clients


Landing pages are the least popular type of sign-up form, but they have the highest conversion rate - 23% compared to the average form’s 10%. So why isn’t every form a landing page? - How To Build A Lead Generation Landing Page For Your Digital Marketing Clients: 0:00 Intro 1:13 What is a landing page? 1:46 What are landing pages used for? 2:19 What’s the difference between a landing page and a website? 3:33 How to build a landing page for marketing agency clients 4:13 Step 1: Pick a template 4:51 Step 2: Add your logo, text, background, and font 5:06 Step 3: Personalize the content 6:34 How to set up hidden fields 7:19 Step 4: Preview your design 7:45 Step 5: Publish your landing page 8:30 Step 6: Optimize 8:53 Looking at analytics 9:05 What metrics to look at 12:00 Outro 12:17 DISCOUNT CODE 12:29 Outro (Continued) - 2 MONTH PROMOTION ENDED. USE THE FREEMIUM INVOLVE.ME HERE: 🤍 - Check out some of our other videos: How To Send Custom Emails At The End Of A Project: 🤍 Sales Funnel vs Flywheel: 🤍 - Follow us on our other social media platforms: Facebook: 🤍 LinkedIn: 🤍 Twitter: 🤍 - Interested in more? Check out our blog: 🤍 - What is a landing page? A landing page is a quick web page that people “land” on. It’s specifically designed to convert people who land there into customers. The conversions you can typically design a landing page for are: Registrations, Email subscriptions, Webinar registrations, Call & appointment booking, Downloads, and eCommerce purchases What are landing pages used for? Landing pages are used to convert clicks into leads. Unlike your website, which people can access from many different channels, a landing page is something that lives in your marketing campaign. You can use landing pages in: Social media ads, Google search ads, and Email marketing What’s the difference between a landing page and a website? A website is something visitors can explore - there are many places to click, resources to check out, videos to watch and articles to read. A landing page is more focused. It exists to funnel people towards one, specific action. How to build a landing page for marketing agency clients Creating campaigns for clients is the second most important responsibility agencies take on. The most important responsibility is keeping everything organized. Combining these two is how people get stuck and overwhelmed. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial on how to build a landing page in under an hour: 1. Pick a landing page template Head over to involve.me and grab a free template. 2. Add your logo, text, background and font You want everything to match your client’s brand. In involve.me you can control everything from layout to custom fonts and button roundness to match any brand. 3. Personalize the content According to a recent study, personalized CTAs convert 203% better than default versions. The simplest way to personalize your landing page is using the visitor’s first name. To call your landing page visitors by their first name, you need to already have this information and you need to have the information in a channel you’re distributing the landing page with. This is how you do it: Click Hidden Fields in the top right corner. Click “add hidden field”. Then under “Contact Data Fields” select First Name. You will get this little snippet that you’re going to add to the link to your landing page. Then, where it says “INPUT”, you need to replace that with a personalization token from your email tool. This is different for every email tool. 4. Preview your design on desktop and mobile screens If your landing page doesn’t work on mobile, it doesn’t work at all. Over half of the world’s internet traffic comes from mobile devices. 5. Publish your landing page Once you’re happy with how everything looks, hit “Publish”. On this page, you can set up the URL, set up automated emails, and tracking 6. Optimize, optimize, optimize Making a landing page is not over once the page is live. The more data you collect, the more informed changes you can make to your page. Businesses that use optimization software for their landing pages see a 30% increase in conversions. The Analytics section of involve.me will help you with the optimization process. To get here, click on the drop-down icon on the landing page you made here and select analytics. This will show you detailed information on completion rate, email open rate, demographics and so much more!

B2B Lead Generation: Creating High Converting SaaS Landing Pages to Get More Leads


At the heart of your B2B Lead Generation system is your landing page. Whether you’re giving a 10-point Checklist, a 5-Point Guide, or a Blueprint – ultimately you have to convince the person on the landing page to engage and convert. So, how do you create these HIGH converting landing page? On today’s Unstoppable Sunday episode, I’m going to dig into the three principles you absolutely need to know to build high converting SaaS landing pages so you can 10X your lead generation activities. ~~~~ Instant Landing Page 👇 🤍 ~~~~ JOIN THE UNSTOPPABLE LEGION, SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL 👇 🤍 ^^ I drop an episode EVERY Sunday to help startup founders, like you, become Unstoppable in your life and business. ~~~~ MY FREE SaaS GROWTH STRATEGY GUIDE 👇 🤍 ~~~~ WORK WITH TK TO SCALE YOUR SAAS GROWTH Learn more about my SaaS GTM Program (Accelerate to $3M+ ARR) 👇 🤍 SaaS Scale Program (for CEOs Looking For Help Scaling & Aligning Their Teams) 👇 🤍 SaaS Launch Program (for Pre-Founders Looking to Get To Initial Revenues) 👇 🤍 ~~~~ Share this video with a friend: 🤍 ~~~~ PLAYLISTS TO WATCH NEXT 1) SCALE AND GROW YOUR SAAS STARTUP WITH AN UNSTOPPABLE GTM Playlist: Unstoppable Sales Funnel - 🤍 Playlist: Startup Growth Hacking - 🤍 Playlist: SaaS Startup Tips - 🤍 Playlist: Get Your Saas Business to Product-Market Fit - 🤍 2) CREATE AND EXECUTE ON AN UNSTOPPABLE STRATEGY FOR YOUR STARTUP Playlist: Startup Planning & Strategy - 🤍 Playlist: Find Investors and Raise Capital - 🤍 3) QUITTING YOUR JOB AND STARTING A SAAS BUSINESS 🎥 Playlist: How to Quit Your Job & Start a SaaS Business - 🤍 🎥 Playlist: Best Jobs in Your 20s & How to Navigate a Career Change in Your 30s - 🤍 4) RUN YOUR LIFE LIKE A PRO ATHLETE TO MANAGE FOR BURNOUT AND DRIVE PEAK PERFORMANCE AS A STARTUP FOUNDER 🎥 Playlist: Be More Proactive in Life - 🤍 🎥 Playlist: Burnout Prevention & Recovery - 🤍 🎥 Playlist: How to Deal With Sunday Scaries - 🤍 ~~~~ WHO IS TK? AND WHY DID HE START UNSTOPPABLE? 👇 🤍 ^^ How I quit my finance job, built, scaled, and sold a venture-backed startup, and then helped sell the company that bought mine for $4.75bn. Here’s my crazy founder story. ~~~~ GET A FREE COPY OF MY AMAZON INTERNATIONAL BEST-SELLING BOOK ACROSS 12 CATEGORIES AND 7 COUNTRIES INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES: “How to Punch the Sunday Jitters in the Face” 👇 🤍 ~~~~ Say hi on social 👋: Like us on Facebook: 🤍 DM me on Instagram: 🤍 Follow me on Twitter: 🤍 TWEET THIS VIDEO: 🤍 #tkkader #b2bleadgeneration #saasmarketing

Make A Lead Generation Landing Page - Divi Tutorial


In this Divi tutorial, I show you how to Make A Lead Generation Landing Page for small businesses. * Divi design Guide PRO 🤍 * Buy Divi 🤍 * FluentCRM - 🤍 Get 20% OFF (Use Coupon MAK) * Presto Player - 🤍 Get 10% OFF (Use Coupon MAK10) * BuddyBoss - 🤍 - Get 10% OFF (Use Coupon MAK10) * TutorLMS - 🤍 - (Use Coupon Code Mak20 for 20% Discount) * Divi Theme Builder - 🤍 (Includes BONUS Course) * LearnDash - 🤍 (Includes BONUS Course) * CartFlows - 🤍 Get 10% OFF (Use Coupon MAK10) * MemberPress - 🤍 (Includes BONUS Course) * WhishList Member 🤍 (Includes BONUS Course) * * * * Buy any of the products and get FREE Course BONUSES to get you started fast! 🔥 Best WordPress Hosting * SiteGround 🤍 (SAVE 70%) * FlyWheel Hosting 🤍 🔥 Divi Theme Templates * Design Beautiful Blogs In A Few Clicks 🤍 * Design Divi Websites Faster, Buy The Genesis Template 🤍 🔥 Online Business Books & Training * One Funnel Away Challenge - 🤍 * FREE Traffic Secrets Book - 🤍 * Affiliate Bootcamp - 🤍 * Experts Secrets Book - 🤍 😍 Recommended Plugins / Services * Convertkit 🤍 * MailPoet — 🤍 * TubeBuddy 🤍 * SkillShare— 🤍 ALL THE GEAR THAT I USE. * 🤍

Como Criar uma Landing Page do Zero! Grátis e Fácil! #landingpage #comocriarumalandingpage


Como uma criar uma página de vendas grátis do zero até pronta para vender ou capturar leads. Para não programadores. Vai começar criar seu site, landing page ou loja virtual? Comece aqui por esse link para obter melhores condições 😉 🤍 Vídeo com passo a passo completo: youtube.com/watch?v=9YpFEbM1D_A&t=1s Como criar sua Landing Page na Wix. Aprenda nesse vídeo utilizar a Wix.com para Criar sua Landing Page do Zero. Adicionar imagens, vídeos, textos e botões na sua landing page Wix. Esse vídeo que apresento tem os conceitos básicos do editor Wix Site, com essas ferramentas você pode criar um site em minutos. Não sabe qual template escolher? Assista o vídeo para ter um direcionamento em qual template escolher. Aprenda a editar seu site na versão desktop (computador) e também na versão otimizada para smartphone. #landingpage #comocriarumalandingpage #wixtutorial

How To Use ChatGPT For Lead Generation (Landing Page Copy)


ChatGPT For Lead Generation Video Try ChatGPT 👉 🤍 In this video I'm going to show you how to use ChatGPT for your lead generation efforts. More specifically, I'm going to show you some examples of landing page copy, and then use ChatGPT to create some landing page copy myself. Check out the video to see how it is done. Affiliate Disclaimer: If you make a purchase using one of my links then I might make a commission (at no extra cost to you). #chatgpt

Lead Generation Agency: How To Build A Funnel (Landing Page & VSL)


Lead Generation Agency: How To Build A Funnel Step By Step (Create A Landing Page & VSL). Want to scale your lead generation agency to $10K a month? Visit here 👉 🤍 I go through how to build a funnel that converts traffic and leads into clients for your lead gen agency and gets you more booked sales meetings/calls. I cover: - Why the funnel is important, and without a good one you'll struggle to reach 10k a month with your lead generation agency - What is the difference between a good and a bad funnel (how to create a good funnel and fix a bad funnel) for your lead generation agency - What actually is the funnel and what does it consist of in your lead generation agency - How to make a landing page for your lead generation agency step by step from scratch - How to record a video sales letter (VSL) for your lead generation agency - Do you need to record a video sales letter (VSL) for your lead generation agency If you create and build a good funnel for your lead generation agency, by creating an effective landing page and good vsl, you can easily scale to 10k, 20k, 30k, 50k, even 100k a month. Follow me on Twitter for even more value: 🤍 Topics discussed: lead generation agency, how to start a lead generation agency, how to start a lead gen agency, lead gen agency, starting a lead generation business, how to start a lead generation business, how to start a lead generation business from scratch, lead generation business, how to generate leads, lead generation, b2b lead generation, lead generation b2b, b2b lead generation full course, lead generation strategies, lead generation business step by step, lead generation tutorial, how to get clients in a saturated niche, how to easily get clients in a saturated niche Edited and Managed by: 🤍

🔥 TOP 5 Ferramentas Grátis para Criar Landing Pages [MESMO SEM EXPERIÊNCIA]


Quer conhecer 5 TOP ferramentas para criar Landing Pages Grátis? Vem conferir as ferramentas neste vídeo! ❤️ COMPARTILHE ESTE VÍDEO COM UM AMIGO ❤️ ▸🤍 ✅ LINKS CITADOS NO VÍDEO ▸ Mailchimp - 🤍 ▸ Mailerlite - 🤍 ▸ Egoi - 🤍 ▸ Wix - 🤍 ▸ Webnode - 🤍 Uma landing page pode ser o que está faltando no seu negócio para converter seu público alvo em clientes. Basicamente a landing page serve para dar suporte a sua estratégia de divulgação. Você cria conteúdo, faz anúncios, atrai o público e para converter esse público, uma landing page é excelente para fazer o usuário tomar uma ação. E neste vídeo eu vou te mostrar 5 ferramentas incríveis que você pode criar landing pages de graça. Landing Page é uma página específica para conversão. Ela é toda montada com um único objetivo. Converter a pessoa que acessou aquela página. Normalmente ela é criada usando textos persuasivos, chamadas para ação, botões chamativos e elementos que contribuem para transformar o visitante em um lead (lead é um visitante que cadastrou o e-mail ou telefone dele em troca de alguma coisa, um ebook, uma planilha, enfim). Para criar uma landing page, existem ferramentas que são chamadas de Criadores de Landing Pages. São ferramentas que possibilitam que você crie páginas de captura, páginas persuasivas de uma maneira fácil, sem precisar ter um programador criando sua página, sem precisar saber códigos, na grande maioria das vezes usando o criador arrasta e solta. E para conhecer ferramentas gratuitas para criar landing pages, assista este vídeo, onde separei 5 top opções. Espero que gostem :) ✅ ÍNDICE DO VÍDEO 0:00 Ferramentas Grátis para Criar Landing Pages 0:30 Seja bem vindo 0:56 O que é uma Landing Page? 2:01 1ª Ferramenta 2:59 2ª Ferramenta 3:47 3ª Ferramenta 4:56 4ª Ferramenta 5:52 5ª Ferramenta 6:35 Inscreva-se no canal ❤️ VÍDEOS DO CANAL RELACIONADOS COM ESTE ASSUNTO ❤️ ↣ Como Criar uma Landing Page no Canva - 🤍 ↣ Como Criar um Site Grátis no Canva - 🤍 ↣ Como Criar uma Landing Page no E-goi - 🤍 ↣ E-mail Marketing Grátis para Iniciantes - 🤍 💗 Obrigado pelo apoio!💗 💌 Se conecte comigo 💌 INSTAGRAM ↣ 🤍 FACEBOOK ↣ 🤍 TELEGRAM ↣ 🤍 CANVA ↣ 🤍

Créer landing page pour générer des leads - 4 étapes simples


Quelles sont les étapes pour créer une landing page efficace ? Notre réponse en vidéo :-) 🔗 Ressources : 👉👉👉 -20% sur Unbounce via ce lien : 🤍 👉 Leads Studio : 🤍 👉 À propos : 🤍 🔗 Nous suivre : Lucie : 🤍 Thomas : 🤍

Build a Landing Page with Elementor: Step-by-Step


👋🏼 Help us improve by answering this short survey: 🤍 In this tutorial, we'll be building a stylish landing page with Elementor. Made 100% in Elementor, in this A to Z tutorial you'll learn: * Creating a page * Building a WordPress menu * Using sections and columns * Adding widgets * Build a complete landing page! ➡ Subscribe: 🤍 Get Elementor: 🤍 Join Pro: 🤍

Cómo Crear Una Landing Page Con LeadPages


¿Quieres aprender a crear una landing page? En este video te explicaré cómo crear una landing page desde cero. Cómo estructurar una landing page, sus elementos y algunos tips de como diseñar una landing page. Si deseas construir una landing page, prueba Leadpages con este link (🤍 y obtén dos semanas de prueba gratis. Herramientas para construir landing pages: Leadpages - 🤍 Instapage - 🤍 Unbounce - 🤍 Videos que te pueden interesas: ¿Qué es una landing page?: 🤍 Lead magnets: 🤍 Cómo hacer tu página web: 🤍 Configura tu plataforma de Email Marketing: 🤍 Cómo comprar un dominio web: 🤍 TheFigCo Online Website:​ ​🤍 IG TFC: 🤍 IG Laura: 🤍 Pinterest:​ 🤍 Facebook:​ ​🤍 Si estas buscando cómo crear una landing page y dónde crearla, en este video te voy a enseñar paso a paso todo lo que necesitas saber para hacer tu landing page en LeadPages. Aprenderás las secciones principales que necesita tu landing page que son: 1- Primera sección: aquí encontrarás un formulario para se suscriban a tu lista de email. Recuerda que es más fácil que alguien te deje su correo electrónico si tu le das a algo cambio también (ver video sobre lead magnets). 2- Segunda sección: en esta debe de haber que van a encontrar en aquello que les estás ofreciendo. 3- Tercera sección: debe haber un CTA (call to action) que puede ser un botón que te dirija al formulario de la primera sección. 4- Cuarta sección: aquí se hallarán los testimonios de personas que han probado el producto y que lo recomiendan. 5- Quinta sección: esto es un complemento para los testimonios de antes, puedes subir un video o algo extras que tengas para validar tu producto.

في التجارة الإلكترونية اشتغل على صفحة هبوط ولا موقع كامل | Landing Page Vs Full Website in Ecommerce


في التجارة الإلكترونية اشتغل على صفحة هبوط ولا موقع كامل | Landing Page Vs Full Website in Ecommerce هل حملات الكونفرجن أفضل من حملات الرسائل في إعلانات الفيسبوك؟ 🤍 #marketing #digital_marketing #تسويق #التسويق_الإلكتروني #facebook #facebookads

How to Create a Landing Page In WordPress For Free Without Coding - Generate Leads & Sales Tutorial


In today's video tutorial we'll lean how to create a eye-catching landing page in your WordPress website to generate leads and sales for free, without coding. Download WordPress themes and plugin free 🤍 How to Put Your WordPress Website in Maintenance Mode Easy and For Free? 🚧 🤍 🛒 How To Edit and Customize All WooCommerce Pages Easily and For Free - No Coding Needed Tutorial 🤍 Do you want to create a custom landing page on your WordPress site? If you're running a marketing or advertising campaign, landing pages can help you reach your goals and get more conversions. In this video, we show you how to easily create a login page in WordPress. A landing page is a stand-alone page created for a specific ad, email, social media or marketing campaign. Users from these sources land on this page first, which is why it is called a landing page. Landing pages are designed to drive conversions, which simply means when a visitor takes a desired action on your website. It could be purchasing a specific product from your online store, subscribing to your email list, filling out a form, or any other action that benefits your website. The home page is the page visitors see when they type your domain name into a browser. You can think of it as your website's homepage or storefront. On the other hand, most visitors end up on a landing page when coming from a paid or third-party traffic source. #wordpress #landingpage #tutorial A good homepage can encourage visitors to interact with your WordPress site, explore other sites, browse products, or sign up for your email newsletter. With this in mind, home pages often have many links and offer visitors many different options. On the other hand, create landing pages to get conversions. It has fewer links and usually has only one goal, called a call to action or CTA. You can use any CTA you like, but many landing pages encourage visitors to make a purchasing decision or share information as part of a lead generation strategy. Your website will always have only one home page, but you can create as many landing pages as you want. ⭐ Free Goods of the Week: Download these 6 free goods before it's too late! 🤍 ⭐ Buy Website Hosting Plan and Gain a Free Domain At 🤍 ⭐ Best VPN service 🤍 ⭐ Register Your Domains Hassle-Free 🤍 ⭐ Managed Cloud Hosting 🤍 I hope you guys enjoy this video, feel free to use the comments section below in case you have any questions, and don't forget to check out that Visualmodo website and subscribe to our channel for more web design and development training videos. Please check the links below for more content. Website 🤍 Facebook 🤍 Instagram 🤍 Twitter 🤍

How To Create A Real Estate Lead Page, Real Estate Emails & SMS Follow Up In Under 15 Seconds!


How To Create A Real Estate Lead Page, Real Estate Emails & SMS Follow Up In Under 15 Seconds! STEP 1 👉 BRAND NEW Training Reveals How Anyone Can Launch An Online Business (And See Results In Just 72 Hours) WithOUT Having Any Products, Experience, Or Tech Skills (Perfect For Beginners): CLICK HERE 👉 🤍 STEP 2 👉 BRAND NEW Training Reveals The 3 Simple Steps To My 5-Figure/Mo SaaS Agency… And How To COPY It In Less Than 10 Minutes! CLICK HERE 👉 🤍 JASON WARDROP OFFICIAL Site 👉 🤍 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 🎥 TOP VIDEOS FROM JASON WARDROP CHANNEL Start A Digital Marketing Agency 👉🤍 Instagram Ads For Beginners 👉 🤍 Facebook Ads For Beginners 👉 🤍 Facebook Pixel Tutorial 👉🤍 Make Money With Facebook Ads 👉🤍 How To Start A Digital Marketing Agency 👉 🤍 $0 - $10k/Mo Marketing Agency 👉🤍 Top 3 Facebook Ads for Realtors 👉 🤍 #realestateleads #facebookadsrealestate



Nesse vídeo eu falo como deve ser uma landing page para vender os produtos da sua operação de dropshipping. Para uma landing page para dropshipping ser realmente boa e focada em conversão ela deve ser rápida, clara e com objetivo único. Uma boa landing page para vender deve ter um CTA claro e quebrar objeções das pessoas do começo ao fim. ▶ Hostinger com desconto absurdo! 🤍 CUPOM: CAIXETA ▶ Aulão Dropshipping com Tráfego Orgânico 🤍 ▶ Vídeos Mencionados: Loja no Woocomerce 🤍 Dropshipping com Tráfego Orgânico 🤍 Facebook Ads para Dropshipping 🤍 Faça Dropshipping com o Youtube Shorts 🤍 Aumente a Confiança da sua loja de Dropshipping 🤍 7 Para Começar no Dropshipping do Zero 🤍 Aumente a Velocidade da Loja de Droshipping 🤍 Dropshipping de Graça 🤍 Produto Vencedor Existe Mesmo? 🤍 Produto Vencedor VS Produto Lucrativo 🤍 Mineração pelo Adminer e Perfil Gringo 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Aprenda Dropshipping de Verdade! 🤍 ▶ Digital Ninjas - Netflix do Marketing Digital 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Treinamento - Método Enriquecendo 🤍 ▶ Treinamento - Profissão Gestor de Tráfego 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Treinamento - Cliques em Clientes 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Live Semanal no YouTube 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Inscreva-se no canal para receber mais vídeos! 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Irmandade Digital no Telegram 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Conta Simples - Cartões Pré Pagos 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Crie sua loja grátis na Shopify 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Ferramentas para Mineração Ad Miner Pro: 🤍 Spy Horus: 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Crie sua loja grátis na Nuvemshop 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Great Pages - Melhor Ferramenta de Páginas 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Drop na Shopee 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Melhor ferramenta para E-mail Marketing 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Melhor servidor do Brasil 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ▶ Mentoria Individual 🤍 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 👊 | Soca o dedo no like! 🖍 | Comenta logo que devo responder! 🔔 | Ativa esse sino para não perder tempo! 📣 | Compartilhe com a galera! - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 🕵 | Conecte-se comigo: 🧲 | Telegram: 🤍odiogocaixeta 🧲 | Instagram: 🤍odiogocaixeta 🧲 | Tiktok: 🤍odiogocaixeta 🧲 | Facebook: 🤍odiogocaixeta 🧲 | LinkedIn: 🤍odiogocaixeta - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - #diogocaixeta #marketingdigital #dropshipping 00:00 - Diogo Caixeta 00:05 - Soco no like 00:10 - Digital Ninjas - Escola de Renda Online



Entenda isso: uma landing page é como se fosse a sua loja no mundo online. Muitas pessoas ainda não entenderam a importância disso e por isso, ainda não dão a devida atenção para suas páginas. Por exemplo, uma das perguntas que eu mais recebo é: “Tiago, eu posso mandar o anúncio para meu Whatsapp?” Fazer isso é como se ao invés de ter uma loja no shopping, você pegasse a pessoa e levasse ela para a praça de alimentação pra conversar, pra mostrar um catálogo e aí tentar vender. Agora imagine se nesse mesmo shopping você tivesse uma loja bonita, chamativa, bem planejada. O resultado seria bem diferente, certo? Por isso vale a pena investir tempo na sua landing page, fazer isso muito bem feito porque isso vai impactar diretamente no resultado. Assista o episódio completo: 🤍 ➜ Acesse +60 aulas práticas de anúncios Google, do zero ao avançado: 🤍 ➜ Participe do meu Telegram: 🤍 ➜ Podcast Extremo: O melhor conteúdo de anúncios online em áudio: 🤍 ➜ Conheça o Conversão Extrema: 🤍 ➜ Conecte-se comigo: • Instagram: 🤍 • Linkedin: 🤍 #googleads #anunciargoogle #marketingdigital #anunciarfacebook

How to Build a Lead Capture Landing Page: Keller Williams Command


In this short video you will learn how to build & edit a landing page to capture leads in the Keller Williams Command Platform. This example shows how you can apply it to an open house event. ▼ NEW AROUND HERE? START HERE. Merch & Swag - teespring.com/stores/the-social-stack 66 Day Social Media Challenge - 🤍 Social Media Strategy - 🤍 ▼TOOLS I RECOMMEND: Design graphics with - Canva Pro: bit.ly/StackCanva Share your sites instantly with - Popl: Popl.co - Discount Code THESOCIALSTACK Run your social with - Tassi: bit.ly/StackTassi Video Analytics & Keywords with - VidIQ: bit.ly/StackVidIQ Video Analytics & Keywords with - TubeBuddy: bit.ly/StackTubeBuddy Create video extras with - InVideo: bit.ly/StackInVid Auto edit your mobile videos with - VlogEasy: bit.ly/StackVlogEZ Stream your videos with - Streamyard: bit.ly/StackStreamYard Recommended gear for any kind of budget: Mic: 🤍 Asteroom: 🤍 SMARTPHONE KIT Shure MV88 Condenser Mic: 🤍 Arkon iPhone Tripod Mount: 🤍 Condenser Microphone: 🤍 Smartphone Tripod Mount: 🤍 Pro Kit: 🤍 Clip On Selfie Ring Light: 🤍 Tripod with Universal Smartphone Mount: 🤍 Gimbal: 🤍 Lavalier Mic: 🤍 LIVESTREAM KIT Webcam: 🤍 4K Digital Camera: 🤍 Shure Instrument Condenser Microphone: 🤍 Studio Microphone Arm: 🤍 Widescreen Monitor: 🤍 Ac Adapter: 🤍 Panasonic DMW-DCC12 DC Coupler: 🤍 Elgato Cam 4K: 🤍 Blackmagic Playback Device: 🤍 Mac Display port to VGA: 🤍 ▼BOOKS I LOVE ❤️: 1000 Little Things: 🤍 The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: 🤍 The Millionaire Messenger: 🤍 One Million Followers Book: 🤍 One Million Followers Audio: 🤍 Hook Point: 🤍 The ONE Thing: 🤍 YouTube Secrets (book): 🤍 YouTube Secrets (audio): 🤍 ▼ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL Facebook: facebook.com/TheSocialStack Instagram: instagram.com/The.SocialStack​​​​​ Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase using these links.

Ferramenta muito mais poderosa que o Wordpress para criar Landing Pages


Adeus meu querido Wordpress. Durante 15 anos fomos ótimos parceiros, mas como tudo na vida, chegou a hora de mudar. Galera, nesse vídeo vou falar sobre os motivos pelos quais eu estou largando o Wordpress e também vou mostrar um pouco da minha nova ferramenta para desenvolver meus layouts. Fique até o final desse vídeo, pois vou dar exemplos do que essa nova ferramenta poderossísima é capaz de fazer e vocês vão entender porque ela está bombando lá na gringa! Lembrando que se você quiser mais dicas e aprender com mais pessoas, entre para nosso grupo no Whats. ⭐️ LINK DO NOSSO GRUPO EXCLUSIVO NO WHATSAPP 🤍 🎥 JÁ ASSISTIU AS AULAS INICIAIS DE FIGMA? AULA 01 🤍 AULA 02 🤍 AULA 03 🤍 Quer conhecer o meu trabalho? Site - 🤍 Instagram - 🤍

How to Create a FREE Landing Page With Canva 2023


How to Create a FREE Landing Page With Canva 2023 In this video I show you How you can create your own Landing age with Canva.com for Free with Easy to Follow steps in 2023. Canva.com is an Amazing platform where you can create your on landing page, presentations, NFTs, posts and MUCH MORE for Free. If this tutorial helped you out please consider leaving a like & commenting down below if this works! Thank you so much! #TheSocialGuide

How to Create Landing Page in WordPress 2023 (Quick & Easy)


Learn How to Create a Landing Page in WordPress 2023 In this video I show you how you can easily create a landing page on WordPress. Are you in need of a landing page? No worries. I'll show you step by step how you can create a WordPress landing page. Subscribe to How to Digital for more solutions to your problems: 🤍 If this video helped you out please consider leaving a like & commenting down below if this works! Thank you so much :) #HowToDigital

How-to Create a Sierra Interactive Lead Capture Landing Page


🔥 In this video, I'm show you exactly how to make a lead capture page inside Sierra Interactive, that then automatically triggers an automation to send out whatever sort of deliverable that you want to get to the lead that just registered.

O QUE É LANDING PAGE 2023? Como fazer uma landing page que converte? [Bônus] Exemplo de Landing Page


🔥 TENHA UMA CONSULTORIA GRATUITA DE MARKETING DIGITAL PARA SUA EMPRESA - AUMENTE SUAS VENDAS AGORA: 🤍 Alguns Exemplos de Landing Page Landing Page 1 - Loja Virtual Tray 🤍 Landing Page 2 - Consultoria de Marketing 🤍 Landing Page 3 - Ferramenta Elevaweb - Infográfico 🤍 Playlist Tudo Sobre Landing Page 🤍 Índice do Vídeo 0:16 O que é uma landing Page - Deixa seu like? 1:00 O que oferecer na Landing Page 1:22 Cada Landing Page deve ser específica 1:32 O que colocar na Landing Page? 2:21 Botão com CTA 3:47 Pra que fazer uma Landing Page? Landing Page é uma páginas de Captura! O que são landing pages? Descubra em detalhes o que é uma Landing Page no nosso novo vídeo e como criar uma Landing Page de sucesso! As landing pages são páginas com alta capacidade de conversão e são muito importantes para qualificar e te ajudar a aumentar a base de clientes (Leads). Aqui mais um vídeo do Canal Mostrando Como fazer uma Landing Page que converte de verdade 🤍 Eu sou o Rodrigo Schvabe, Diretor Comercial e sócio da Mercado Binário, e junto com a minha equipe sempre buscamos dar dicas de como aumentar suas vendas através das mais modernas ferramentas, aumentando a produtividade, acelerando processos e otimizando o marketing. Quer saber mais sobre Marketing Digital e Vendas? Siga o Blog da Mercado Binário e nossas redes sociais: 💻Continue aprendendo em nosso blog #UniversidadeMB: 🤍 ▪️Siga a MB no Face book: 🤍 ▪️Siga a MB no Instagram: 🤍 ▪️Siga a MB no LinkedIn: 🤍 ▪️Siga a MB no Twitter: 🤍 Até o próximo vídeo! 🚀 Um abraço Rodrigo Schvabe 🇧🇷😀 O que são Landing Pages você quer saber, acompanhe neste vídeo até o final. Landing Page é uma página de conversão, uma página com alta capacidade de conversão por isso essa página tem que seguir algumas regras como, pouca distração, não encher de conteúdo e evitar colocar muita rolagem. A Landing Page tem que ser direta, tem que ser objetiva essa Landing Page significa uma página de captura, para que o cliente chegue até você. Tenha um formulário dentro dessa Landing Page, para que você consiga capturar por exemplo o contato de meio e telefone. Dentro da Landing Page você não pode colocar muitas distrações, mostre exatamente sua oferta. Você pode oferecer por exemplo: Um e-book, um conteúdo rico, uma planilha ou um vídeo. Você pode criar várias estratégias para a conversão mas não coloque várias coisas dentro dessa Landing Page. Para a Landing Page ter alta conversão ela não pode ter muita informação além da informação principal da página, se você puder colocar um vídeo é ótimo. O vídeo dá uma conversão muito boa. Coloque uma Mensagem Direta (CTA) Ex Baixe o book A CTA (chamada à ação) call to action, essa chamada tem que ser muito forte, por exemplo se você colocar nome e e mail não coloque no Botão a frase: Cadastrar Use uma outra frase como: "baixar e-book" Se você está oferecendo um e-book você tal oferecer ainda uma promoção com a CTA: "eu quero essa promoção" O texto do botão é importante também para ajudar na conversão para que você distribua mais e-books para a sua base. É essa Landing Page com essa ação que vai trazer esses contatos interessados pela oferta. A Landing Page ainda serve para que você consiga entrar em contato com esses clientes sabendo o que eles querem de fato. que utilizou essa Landing Page para fazer ações específicas para esses leads, baseado no produto serviço em que você está oferecendo para esse cliente. De repente você tem um outro produto sua empresa pode oferecer pra o lead e você envia uma campanha de email marketing, WhatsApp marketing, sms, fala que o comercial vai fazer uma ligação. O importante é que você tem uma Landing Page e saber o que fazer depois com os leads. Pronto para montar uma estratégia pra que criar uma Landing Page? Agora que expliquei sobre Landing Page e página de conversão, você pode se perguntar, pra que eu quero essa página de compra? de conversão? Eu quero essa página para baixar o e-book? Agora você sabe que essa lista de pessoas interessadas em marketing digital Palavra-chave: landing page, o que é uma landing page?, como fazer uma landing page?, landing page grátis, pagina de captura grátis, site, landing page e call to action, como fazer uma landing page que converte?, #landingpage

Como Criar uma LANDING PAGE Incrível em 2023 (Tutorial Completo)


Nesta vídeo aula completa você aprenderá do absoluto zero (mesmo que não tenha conhecimento nenhum) a como criar uma #landingpage incrível em 2023. Essa página que estou ensinando pode ser adaptada a praticamente qualquer nicho do mercado, basta você estar alterando as fotos e as informações. Vamos estar utilizando o #WordPress e o plugin #Elementor para a construção da nossa landing page. Peço que você assista até o final para entender todo o passo a passo e não esqueça de deixar seu LIKE no vídeo e se INSCREVER no canal, ok? 🔴 LINKS CITADOS DURANTE A AULA: 👉 Tenha acesso ao meu PACK EXCLUSIVO de Páginas de Venda Profissionais e de Alta Performance: 🤍 👉 Hospedagem Hostgator com 50% DE DESCONTO: 🤍

How to Create Full Landing Page Copy that Gets Results in 3 Minutes Using AI


The quality of your landing page copy can make or break your paid advertising campaigns, and have a huge impact on the sucess of your organic marketing too. In this video we will show you how you can quickly and easily create high quality landing page copy using our AI based tool. You can try it for free here: 🤍

Create A Lead Generation Landing Page in 15 Minutes 🚀


Create a mobile-first landing page for your lead generation landing page campaigns in 15 minutes with Pagemaker! 🚀 Sign up for free at 🤍 Join an awesome FB Community to explore more about the different features of Pagemaker: 🤍 🤝

How To Create A Free Landing Page For Affiliate Marketing In 10minutes [Step By Step]


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Landing Page vs Website | Credit Repair Business Marketing | 7x Better Lead Generation | Leadpages


Landing Pages vs websites is a long-standing debate. If your credit repair business has a multi-page website currently and your lead generation seems to be lackluster you might already know which one you should be using. Learn what's the best option for your credit repair business or any other business to see 7 times better lead generation. Lead Pages 14 day FREE Trial - 🤍 💵 FREE Guide to making an extra $1000 in 30 Days in your credit repair businesses - 🤍 * Free Class to Learn Why Your Credit Score Isn't Increasing While Working on Your Credit - 🤍 * Join this channel to get access to perks - 🤍 - [Credit Reports & Scores] $1 For FICO Scores & Your Experian, Equifax, TransUnion Credit Reports - 🤍 Business Credit Scores/Reports - 🤍 - [Building/Establishing Credit] Guaranteed Approval Credit Cards - 🤍 No Credit Check Loan to Build Your Savings & Credit Score - 🤍 Learn Most Lender's Approval Guidelines in Advance with This Book - 🤍 - [T-Shirs] What Goes Down Must Come Up Tee & Others- 🤍 - [Our Credit Tools] 93 Dispute Letter Library - 🤍 DIY Credit Repair Crash Course - 🤍 eBook: Top Credit Questions - 🤍 eBook: The Ultimate Credit Building Plan - 🤍 - [Connect with Will Frazier on Social Media] Follow me on Facebook - 🤍 Follow me on Instagram - 🤍 - * $1 credit consultations: 🤍 You can also call 334-430-5296 or 803-832-2275 * - [Video Equipment] Camera - Canon M50 🤍 Lens - 🤍 Video Lighting - (2 Light Setup) 🤍 (3 Light Setup) 🤍 Background Paper - 🤍 - DISCLAIMER: This video and description contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small commission. This helps to support the channel and allows us to continue to make videos like this. Thank you for your support!

Facebook Lead Form vs. Landing Page - Which is the BEST LEAD GENERATION Strategy


Facebook Lead Form vs. Landing Page - Which is the BEST LEAD GENERATION Strategy! When you're using Facebook Lead Ads for Facebook Lead Generation, it's important to learn how to have the highest conversion rate, and the biggest match up is whether to use Facebook Lead Form or ClickFunnels Landing Page. Let me break it down for you and explain which one is better. 🏆 Useful Resources 🏆 → Facebook Lead Gen + Instagram + YouTube Bundle: 🤍 → Join the 100s of Agents in the #1 Real Estate Mastermind: 🤍 → FREE copy of my ManyChat Course: 🤍 💜 POPULAR PLAYLISTS for REALTORS 💜 Facebook Ads for Realtors → 🤍 Instagram for Realtors → 🤍 Social Media for Realtors → 🤍 🏡 MUST WATCH Videos for Realtors 🏡 Complete Facebook Ad Tutorial → 🤍 Facebook Special Ad Category → 🤍 Facebook Retargeting → 🤍 Instagram for Realtors → 🤍 Chatbots for Realtors → 🤍 LinkedIn for Realtors → 🤍 YouTube for Realtors → 🤍 🎥 📸 My Video Setup 📸 🎥 Canon Rebel T7i (kit) → 🤍 Blue Yeti Mic → 🤍 Logitech Webcam → 🤍 Rode SmartLav+ → 🤍 Rode On-Camera Mic → 🤍 Neewer Ring Light → 🤍 #leadgeneration #leadform #landingpage 💥 Follow me on Social Media 💥 → Instagram: 🤍 → LinkedIn: 🤍 _ Mike Sherrard is the founder of High Converting Content, an industry leading content marketing, personal branding, content repurposing and social media marketing agency that helps Entrepreneurs and Realtors explode their personal brand and business with creative strategies. We help Entrepreneurs across all industries monetize their content, grow their YouTube Channel, Instagram, and ultimate impact, influence and income through creative social media marketing strategy. EXP Realty Calgary, EXP Realty Vancouver, EXP Realty Ontario, EXP Realty Toronto, EXP Realty Ottawa, EXP Realty BC, EXP Realty Australia, EXP Realty UK, EXP Realty Edmonton.

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